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The best place to have your Holden maintained is our Service Centre. Regardless of the age of your vehicle, only your Holden Dealer has access to the Holden technical training and diagnostic updates that can keep your car running in top condition. Check out or Special Offers below that are designed for owners of older Holden's.

Service & Parts Specials

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Keep your tyres in check

Complimentary Tyre Inspection


A complimentary tyre check at your Holden Service Centre can help identify issues before they cost you money, or worse, turn into safety concerns.

- Complimentary tyre condition and pressure inspection

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Peace of mind

Complimentary Battery Check


Nothing will leave you stranded more than a flat battery

- Complimentary battery and charging system test

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Keep Your View Clear

Complimentary Wiper Blade Inspection


Due to regular use and sun exposure, the rubber on your wiper blades can deteriorate over time, reducing your visibility

- Complimentary inspection of wiper blade condition and operation

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